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rss 76 weeks ago
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    76 weeks ago
    That's awesome!! I'd love to see that printed!
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    76 weeks ago
    Thanks man :] Definitely something I worked hard on for the past few weeks.
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    74 weeks ago
    That is really nice. Great job.
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    73 weeks ago
    Solid work. I like the frag and plasma grenade details.

    I'd suggest changing the pose. The squatting, compressed pose doesn't look graceful. It's also difficult to see the 'key' in the design. Perhaps put an outline or suggested lighting around it.

    I like the inclusion of Master Chief in the design, but the way the torso and neck are colored, it looks like he's wearing a tank top or bikini. Look at references from the game to match the shape and details of Chief's armor.

    Just noticed the 'Marathon' logo in the back, which is a nice touch.

    I hope I don't come off as overly critical. The art is well-executed. I'm just trying to provide helpful feedback.

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