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rss 77 weeks ago
Haven't seen alot of Harry Potter designs on here so I decided to try one out. I'm not sure what to put on the ribbon though.

"I open at the close"?

"Catch me If you can"?

Any Ideas?

Let me know! But this Is what I got so far. Any Ideas on how to make It better? Add some stuff? Get rid of some things?

 photo Thesnitch_zps473ebca6.png
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    76 weeks ago
    I would suggest, for the ribbon, taking the lines that indicate the wrapping to the very edges - that'll stop the ribbon from looking like it's pudgy, and make it look flat like a ribbon. : ) Nice detail though!
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    75 weeks ago
    i like "I open at the close"
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    73 weeks ago
    Yeah, "I open at the close" is cool. Can't think of many other Snitch-y quotes...

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