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rss 78 weeks ago
This is a mash-up between the beloved video game series Banjo-Kazooie and the tv series Adventure Time:

I am currently working on the text and will update when that is finished.
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    78 weeks ago
    Added the text and changed some colors:

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    78 weeks ago
    Adventure time is hilarious, I thought it was for adults like Ren and Stimpy but... less graphic, until I saw six Nick jr. commercials and realized I was watching a children's show.

    I definitely got the references right away, so that's good. I'd go with using colors as opposed to halftones though, did you run this through a filter or do you intend for it to have that look?

    As for the type, I think that red kind of pulls away from the rest of the design, even though that's the style of Banjo Kazooie, I think you should stick with the look and feel of the other colors.

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