I've been trying to promote this shirt around different websites, nothing's really sticking. I mean, it could be that design doesn't work, which I can accept. Could be the show isn't really that popular at the moment. But eh. I'd like to get your guys' opinion on it. I'm going to submit it anyway, see what happens.

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    79 weeks ago
    can honestly say I have No idea what I'm looking at... the drawing is good but the red is overwhealming and I have no idea what anything in the picture is a reference to...
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    79 weeks ago
    I think one of the main problems is (as RiteGuyShirt) said, the overwhelming amount of red. Plus, the two themes don't mesh all that well together. I understand what you were going for since they're both shows about mystery and supernatural occurrences in a small town. But one show is an adult show from the early 90s and the other is a kid's show from now. The odds that someone would really understand and like both references is pretty slim.

    I would absolutely love a Gravity Falls shirt and I think you really managed to create the characters successfully. So I would love if you would create just a Gravity Falls shirt!
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    78 weeks ago
    ^ Well, that's not entirely true. The creator DID base the show off of Twin Peaks, and there is a few references here and there, even the red room makes an appearance in the show, the same one I used for my shirt.

    And it's not a secret either. Alex Hircsh was been very vocal about it. Even makes a reference or two on his Twitter page.

    As for the Red, I can understand that. My original image doesn't have nearly as much Red. But you know, the six color rule. The red isn't part of the design, the red is the T-Shirt. But I haven't seen it on a shirt before, so I have no idea if it'll work well or not. Heh.

    Also, I did create a Gravity Falls shirt though, for this contest here.

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