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rss 80 weeks ago
Has anyone had luck having original ink drawings for shirt designs accepted? Or do they all have to be digitally rendered before submission? I have noticed the obvious trend of digital art as the norm for shirt designs, but as someone more proficient with a pencil than a tablet, I thought I'd see if anyone has any experience or advice for submitting ink drawings, or if it's just a flat out no-no in the TeeFury world.
Thanks much!
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    80 weeks ago
    If the image is good, and it's suitable for our market, we will take the image and make it print ready. No worries.

    This was a pencil drawing we printed.
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    80 weeks ago
    Oh, brilliant! That's excellent news!
    Thank you much for your quick reply, also!
    I imagine a scan at highest quality would be the main requirement for that. I will go on a high-quality scanner quest! Thanks again!

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