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rss 82 weeks ago
This has been running through my brain for awhile. What do you all think?

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    82 weeks ago
    it's well dne but HATE honey boo boo so it'd be a pass for sure but good luck on it! A lot of people I think wuld buy it!
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    81 weeks ago
    I agree honey boo boo deserves no more attention. How the hell that family became "famous" is beyond me.
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    80 weeks ago
    I like the concept, but artwise, something about the hair just doesn't seem to fit quite right. Like that one tendril of bangs seems out of place.
    I probably wouldn't buy the shirt even if I loved the design, though... it's a neat concept, and well thought-out, but I'd worry for my safety wearing anything Honey Boo Boo related around either my college campus or my group of friends.

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