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rss 83 weeks ago

thoughts on my latest WIP i think i'm done with it but would like some thoughts.
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    83 weeks ago
    Good for Games of Thrones fans...

    Honestly though this is really really close o a regular che shirt, I know teefury is pretty niche but usually you can see a shirt and say I don't get it but I know it's a reference to something...

    This if someone was wearing wouldn't even give it a second glance, just think it was one of those mass produced Che Shirts.

    Please take that with a pound of salt I'm not a GoT fan and only got this reference from other teefury shirts lol.
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    82 weeks ago
    I second the first post. Love the concept and design, but I wouldn't buy it because I would never want anyone to think I was actually wearing a Che shirt. Now, a play on a Che shirt, I'd be fine with. Just don't want to be mistaken for an actual Che.

    It doesn't quite make sense to me that he would be wearing Che's hat. I think it might be better with his natural hairline. The angle of his head and the general style should make it definitely obvious what it's based on without the hat being necessary.

    But that's just my 2cents.

    Good luck!
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    82 weeks ago
    well the hats kinda a key feature of the che spoof
    but thanks for the imput!

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