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rss 84 weeks ago
Hey guys I've been buying tees here for ages and I thought maybe it was time to get into designing them! I have some really cool ideas but I'm just wondering what programs people use for designing them: I love drawing but I would find it hard to do it straight onto computer. Any ideas or if you could tell me how you do it, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    83 weeks ago
    Some peeps like to draw first then ink/scan, add a layer trace and colour (duplicate duplicate duplicate!!. Others like to vector or do node work or even use a tablet to do their work all in the program. As far as program its whatever you feel most comfortable with.
    for me I draw and scan when I have paper around the house.( lately not often as my mother in law is printing all her reports for school when she visits lol:) Other times I tablet or do the art with paths tool and add layers with stuff I have drawn. What I'm getting at is any combination that expresses you and allows you to get whats up between your eyes to manifest in the real world. hope that helps

    Programs most peeps use I'm sure I've missed others but these are the main ones.

    Gimp Free
    illustrator( vector)
    ink scape (vector) Free
    corel draw
    and many more

    Regards Chefleclef
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    82 weeks ago
    I've wanted to design a shirt too..

    Would Painttool SAI work okay?

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