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rss 85 weeks ago
hi everyone. I've been addicted to teefury for a while now, and I have recently become very upset with myself. You see, I missed the DaftPunk shirt by barely an hour, and I LOVE DaftPunk! Oh the Humanity!

I recently got 5 shirts in the grab bag, and I'm for sure keeping one (I'm wearing it while writing this haha), but the rest are for trade if someone wants them for the DaftPunk one:

I got the "To Serenity and Beyond" design, the Fire Flower eating the Millenium Falcon, the one with a bunch of video game characters (a quick glance shows Cole and Earthworm Jim + more) fighting in a dust FluffySpam, and the Boardwalker Bootleg Whiskey one. (I'm wearing the Finn and Jake Style Pokemon one)

I'll also just pay money for it if no one wants to trade/has an extra one and doesn't like DaftPunk

thanks teefury-ers, hope someone can help me out! size is in the title :)

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