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rss 85 weeks ago
I'm hoping to order my very first TeeFury shirt today (cause Stargate!), but I'm stuck on sizes. I measured every shirt in my closet, but it's not helping. The smalls I have are smaller than the small on the sizing chart, but my mediums are smaller as well. Unfortunately, buying two isn't an option (boo money) so I have to just get one and hope for the best. Are the smalls usually pretty small?
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    85 weeks ago
    My heart goes out to you. Internet shopping smurfs and sizing charts aren't always accurate. I have bought two larges (one is more like an XL and the other is more like a snug medium). Sizing is always changing, so I am pretty cautious but in the past I bought the Stargate shirt (its the one more like an XL). I love the shirt but hate the size. I would suggest going with your normal shirt size (because I don't know if its the same shirt company).

    Some say they fit like American Apparel shirts but a bit roomier.

    Sorry I couldn't help. I just ordered a large from yesterday from a friend's suggestion. Hopefully it is right.

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