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Much easier than scrolling through all the trades when you're not even sure if people posted any women's smalls!

Anyways, I have these shirts that I am willing to trade or sell in a WS:

- Ozzy Rises:
- 11th of Hearts:
- Gozer the Gullible God:
- Evil Mojo in My Closet:
- Where is Toby?:

And I am looking for these in particular for the last grab bag:
- Walt and the Bad Breakers (Breaking Bad):
- Demon Crest Hunter (Supernatural):
- The Perfect Target (GoT):

And these from previous grab bags:
- Come Play with us, Daddy (Bioshock/The Shining):
- Hell & Back World Tour (Supernatural):
- Walter’s Lab (Breaking Bad):
- Mother of Dragons (GoT):
- Guy (Family Guy/Peanuts):
- The Snatcher (HP):
- Farewell District 12 (HG):
- Hunger Weapons (HG):
- A School of Ice and Fire (HP/GoT):
- Winter is here (GoT/Peanuts):
- Hunger-Lympics (HG):
- Eat, Sleep, Slay Dragons:
- A Game of Ice and Fire (GoT):
- Dragon Born (Skyrim):
- Fighting Imps (GoT):
(I realize some of these are really old, so I understand if no one has them to trade)

If you don't have one of the shirts I want, but have something else to trade, I will definitely consider it. If not, I am open to sell the shirts.

Hope everyone that buys a WS will use this post in the future!
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    85 weeks ago
    Oh and my email is katie.becker5 at
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    85 weeks ago
    I do not have the 11th of Hearts shirt anymore.

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