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rss 86 weeks ago
I said it in the comments of todays tee but I would like to re-post it here, because it's an issue that's bugging me for a long time.

You need to do something about the international shipping rates. When I order 1 shirt from Germany the shipping rate will be at $10.25. That's more than the actual shirt!

Sometimes my friends will order a shirt too, that's okay, but most of the time I fall in love with a design (like today's BTTF) but won't buy because of the rates. Most of the times I only order grab bags, because I will get more shirts with one shipment.

If I buy 5 shirts a month, that would be $50 in shipping alone.

I know that the shirt's are gone after 24 hours, but it's really frustrating that I can't save my favorites for a month an then get them all in one shipment.


Or is there somebody out there who I can send the shirts to and then they would send them to me in one package?
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    85 weeks ago
    The rates are pretty crappy but even at $20.25 total it's still cheaper than most stores, at least here in Australia. I feel like it's a case of that was the best option a few years ago and they haven't looked again in a while
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    85 weeks ago
    Weird that the shipping to Germany is 10.25 and to me in Sweden it's only 6.84.. I thought the shipping to countries in EU was the same!
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    85 weeks ago
    it's $10.25 to the uk aswell.
    but they have said to be able to save them they would have to put the prices up. all i do is buy the ones the i really want then just buy a few on the grab bag and hope for the best. lol
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    85 weeks ago
    It gets weirder.
    When I buy shirts for myself, it's 6.84 for a girl's L. Today I wanted to get Star Wars for my bf and for shipping to the exact same address it's suddenly 10.25. Wtf?! There's no way there is such as difference in weight or anything.
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    78 weeks ago
    I will not buy any shirt until this gets resolved, but I do have a suggestion that could work to keep the one day crunch and still appeal to international customers:

    - Buying a shirt should have the option to save for later shipment.
    - Shirts on hold might even have a stocking fee, something like a 1 cent a day or something if "save for later" breaks anything in the production chain
    - Anytime there is an option to select some shirts and send them, the shipping is paid for that whole package
    - Also when a shirt is bought it should be possible to select other shirts on the "save for later" to be sent on that shipment, for ease of use
    - Something a little bit harder to implement but that could also work is group packaging, so I can arrange a shipment with a group of friends, each with their own shirts and send in one big package. Everyone would "gift" the shirts to one person that would effectively make the shipment (this is what I do with friends on normal T-Shirt sites, and then we split the shipment)

    If this is ever implemented I'll buy shirts from here, otherwise I'll keep buying only from sites where you don't need to endure this buy today only affair.

    I love the designs on the site but this practical problem really breaks the whole thing.
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    77 weeks ago
    Horrible shipping rates to the Philippines as well! It smurfs that shipping can be more expensive than the actual shirt. Aside from the shirts that I really feel I must have, this discourages me from buying ones I am still fence-sitting on.

    I hope Teefury can find a fix to this. The option for save for later shipment sounds like a good idea. Show some love to the international community and take my money!:-)

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