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rss 86 weeks ago
Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the site with the aspect I've never posted before, but I have always been around before and have even bought 4 shirts from the site. The reason I'm posting is because I'm beginning to get frustrated at the fact that two of the shirts I've bought have gotten immediately ruined after washing them once. I know the shirts aren't expensive, but it is still upsetting seeing that after only being able to wear them once, some of the ink washes away.

The reason for this post is to just see if there are any suggestions from you guys. I do follow all the recommendations on the tag.

Thanks ahead of time!
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    86 weeks ago
    I always wash mine inside out and with cold-cold water, then hang them up to dry, and it seems to work just fine. Maybe there's a better method, but that's what's worked for me so far.
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    84 weeks ago
    wow... not sure what to say... I mean, I've had a little shrinkage with the shirts.... but I own 5 or 6 from here... wash them all the time, sometimes hot sometimes cold and the pics have never come off, dulled, faded.. anything... might just be flaws in your shirts... you should contact tee fury.

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