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rss 87 weeks ago
I love all the shirt-a-day sites and what they do, especially Teefury. Much of my wardrobe comes from this site, along with teefuryimitator and Thedontspam. Yet I have NEVER seen a design based on 'Smallville'! Or 'Teen Titans'! Or 'Arrow'! Or 'Justice League'! Not just the shows, the characters themselves not really been featured either. Why no Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, or Wonder Woman designs?! The only DC hero that pops up on occasion is Batman, and that's only Christopher Nolan's version. I see Spidey and the Avengers pretty often, but when it comes to DC they get no love. What gives? Shirt designers, PLEASE take a break every once in awhile from DOCTOR WHO and FIREFLY designs to maybe throw in a DC hero shirt or two in the mix!

Signed, guy who complains about whimsical things

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