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rss 74 weeks ago
Considering that the grab bag is coming around again, I figured I'd put this out there. I will pay $$ and or trade for
My boyfriend really wanted it, but didn't have the money to get it, and it would totally be the best present. For Christmas.
Please if you get this shirt, contact me.
[email protected]
Sincerely Olivia
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    74 weeks ago
    nnnno :3
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    73 weeks ago
    what size is it you are looking for?
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    73 weeks ago
    A Mens Small preferably, a Mens Medium would work too.
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    72 weeks ago
    Just got my grab bag today
    Game of Life MS (Un-opened)

    Looking for:
    Choose Adventure Mens Small
    Womens Medium/ Mens Small

    Will buy/trade :) Also open to offers
    contact me:
    [email protected]

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