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rss 89 weeks ago
I really love the shirt designs on Teefury. My problem was that I always forgot to check the page and missed some really cool designs.

Since I'm an Android developer I quickly put together a first version of an Android App Tee Alarm: (Download from Play Store) This app notifies you every time a new design is available on teefury, this way I never miss a great Tee again.

If I get some people to use the app I plan on adding pinch zoom to the shirt pictures.

If you like the app you can comment on features that you would like.
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    89 weeks ago
    Just downloaded then, will let you know how it goes. Initial suggestion is to add more options for notifications, such as vibrate only and things like that.
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    89 weeks ago
    i think it's a great idea but as i need wifi on to go online on my phone there's no point in me downloading it. but good luck

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