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rss 90 weeks ago
Heya, this is my wip design for a hitch-hikers' guide to the galaxy tee. I kind of like the words, but know the "Keep calm and carry on" slogans sometimes get bad responses as "overdone". Some feedback would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

(praying the link works)

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    90 weeks ago
    Here you go, when you post the link from image shack go to where it says embed image and in the dropdown menu copy the HTML

    you've got good ideas here it seems to me that there may be too much going on though. it's such a tall busy image, maybe you could even split it up into multiple Hitchhikers guide Designs.

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    89 weeks ago
    Awesome, thanks Ratigan- seriously dude, what would I do without you? :) I might just do that... updates on their way- watch this space.

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