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rss 90 weeks ago
So yeah. Star wars.

I need to re-do Luke (on the right), cause he looks like rubbish.
Also need to clean up a bit as well.
But I like how this looks, so I thought I'd share it.

What do you guys think?

(with stars)

(without stars)
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    90 weeks ago
    Little update:

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    90 weeks ago
    i think the last one with a few stars on. although i have to say that the faces are a bit funny and darth mall looks scary. as i'm not a big fan of star wars i don't know if it is fitting or not but just bit creepy looking for my liking. but nice work
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    89 weeks ago
    Thank you. Yeah darth maul is a bit creepy, but he's a bad guy, so that fits, right?

    Updated Luke. Less smurf, more actual human :')
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    89 weeks ago
    Hi Demented- I like this a lot, great design, just a few tweaks needed to make the charecters a little more recognisable, such as C3-PO, he looks a little strange. Best of luck with improvements, this is a great concept, hope you continue with it. ~G

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