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rss 77 weeks ago
I'm new to this forum and not sure how to get my image on here.

Is It


If not can someone show me what It's suppose to be like?

Sorry for the noob question here.

Thanks in advance.
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    77 weeks ago
    if you use photobucket its the html link it should do it easy enough. (well at least i think that was how i done it anyway) no idea how to do it using anything else
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    76 weeks ago
    I use photobucket too. It's very easy. Once you've uploaded an image to your library you will find a spot on the right side of the screen that has converted your image to different codes. all you have to do at that point is select and click the one that has it converted to HTML and it will automatically copy the line of code and you simply paste it in your forum post and it should appear here as your low res image.

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