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rss 91 weeks ago

I'm thinking of submitting this, guys. What do you think? Any feedback?
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    91 weeks ago
    nice design. but as i'm not a big fan of adventure time or mario i wouldn't buy it but thats just a personal thing, but it is a really good design. only thing is bowser (if thats right) and peach could do with being a bit more adventure time style but yeah as i said nice design
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    91 weeks ago
    I like the concept but its not quite right. It doesn't sit right with different thickness of linework and even no linework on some parts. With have everything outlined or nothing at all I would say! Good luck!
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    91 weeks ago
    It's a good idea, but the execution could be better.

    A cartoon-y shirt like this really needs strong lines in it.

    My advice is to add lines where there aren't any (the question boxes, text, bushes, etc), and thicken the lines you already do have.

    The exterior of all your objects should have a thicker line around them with slightly thinner lines along the interior details.
    Items in the background should have thinner lines overall than items in the foreground to give your composition some depth.

    You could also add a few blades of grass and leaf outlines to add some detail to the ground and to the bushes.

    And since this is a MashedPotato shirt, it's important that you apply the same kind of distressed and beveled look to your "Mushroom Time" text as there is on the real Adventure Time logo.

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    90 weeks ago
    this is kinda flippin' adorable. I

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