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rss 78 weeks ago
NO editing. NO tampering. NO extra footage. The classic scene as it was intended... every knows that Buzz shot first!


A little fun with the classic cantina scene with a Toy Story twist.
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    76 weeks ago
    This. Is. Brilliant. :D I want this on a shirt. NOW! I particularly love the "Leia" on Buzz's sole and the brick-card table; very clever. Have you submitted it yet?
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    76 weeks ago
    I did. Unfortunately it was a while ago and haven't heard anything. Another swing and a miss. Thank you though.
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    75 weeks ago
    I like the concept but would probably have Buzz in the actual Cantina, with the rest of it true to the scene. Also no one wants to see the poor little green fellow shot, everyone loves those little dudes. Have Buzz blasting Greedo like the slimy bastard deserves! Love the Leia on the shoe too

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