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rss 92 weeks ago
i know that theres a thread for trading and such but i think if we here in the uk could buy/trade from each other it would save on postage.

i'll start buy saying i have Mario Kombat, Kaylee's Spacecraft Repair and The Beast of Caerbannog all in mens 2xl for trade or sale. obviously there will be the p&p aswell. only opened to see what ones due to the way they are packed
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    90 weeks ago
    i take it nobody is interested?
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    89 weeks ago
    A UK trade post is a great idea, however im a small/mediun girl, so wouldnt exactly be looking to trade. :) If you put up an image link of the shirt designs maybe someone would answer? ~G
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    89 weeks ago
    i posted in the 'official trade' post but no-one there either...
    how do you post a link rather than a web address though?
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    85 weeks ago
    i still have the 3 i already said and i now also have super blues bros and tales from beyond the wall again they are mens 2xl

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