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rss 92 weeks ago
Teevil sez it's game tees the rest of the week... Speaking of, this was my first submission -- I'd appreciate any tips re: improving its Teefury Acceptable-ness?

It's 6 colors (the red shirt would provide the 7th).
Original line art by Tony Shasteen, colors by me.
The trademark on "Grand Moff Tarkin" was canceled in the '80s, apparently, but "Grand Moff Auto" is more amusing to me anyway. And reinforces the MashedPotato.

--brian f.
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    92 weeks ago
    ummm ... its stunning, it really is ...

    but it's not your linework? guess you won't be able to sell it it, not to mention to get TF to sell it unless Mr. Shasteen is involved and okay with it.

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    92 weeks ago
    Thanks! Yup, it's a collaboration specifically for t-shirts (TeeFury was top o' the list) -- only one of us could submit it, and he asked me to. Terms & Conditions covers this stuff.

    Nothing seems too obscure or too nostalgic... Is it just a ho-hum joke? Did we replicate an earlier submission? I'll keep trying... :)
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    92 weeks ago
    then I guess you're fine

    don't see why this wouldn't print unless of course ... George Lucas

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