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rss 79 weeks ago
Okay so, I literally just stumbled upon this site and I think it's pretty neat. But I am still not 100% sure as to how everything works on here. I get the forum in general as I am used to forums. I guess what I am curious about is... Posting designs is completely free, and you get payed for what sells? Are there ever any competitions between Teefurians? And pretty much anything else of that sort that I can't think of off of the bat.
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    79 weeks ago
    Well, I think "TeeFuryans" refers to everyoen on the site, and not necessarily just to artists or consumers. Though considering there re probably more people buying than selling in a given month, I think it more often refers to the buyers. But, whatev'. Won't argue semantics. We're all one happy TeeFuryan family here.

    Basically, there's a limited edition Tee of the day for $10. Every month or two there's a cheaper random grab bag of "leftovers."

    Artists can certainly submit designs, though there's no guarantee that designs will be accepted or when they'll go on sale. Sometimes, I think it just has to do with which designs get positive reviews on FB when they post possible future tees. And other times, I think it's just things the owners like or think will sell well?

    In the past there was quite a it of "original" artwork. Lately there have been a lot of pop culture/nerd culture references and "m@sh-ups." Look through the gallery to see what's been up lately...

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    79 weeks ago
    Ohh, and they occasionally have some days where rather than 1 teeshirt, they'll post two and see which sells better, for bragging rights. Usually once maybe sometimes twice a week they'll do a TeeFury.

    But the most basic premise is the Tees are all limited editions. They sell for 24h (generally only one design per day, every day), then never again (except for a couple "afterhours" the next morning or as left-overs in random grab bags at the end of the month). Though occasionally some designs have been sold on other sites or sometimes you can get prints later at other sites like RedBubble, though for considerably more (like $25/ea, as opposed to TeeFury's typical $10/ea or $6/ea for grab bags). And even then the designs might be slightly different than the TeeFury LE version.

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