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rss 94 weeks ago
Hi all, I'm thinking of submitting this to TF, any comments before I do ?

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    94 weeks ago
    I like the concept but the the genres/shows/whathaveyou are too diverse for my taste, but that said you'd be hard-pressed to find one show to fit all those that isn't GoT itself (which I hate (the show not the books)). Just my $0.02
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    94 weeks ago
    I did consider doing it all with Simpsons characters but decided I wanted to cast my net further.

    I did have several silhouettes that I created and ultimately didn't use as they were too obscure.

    Would anyone have recognised Judy Jetson as the Maiden ?
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    93 weeks ago
    I think you have a great design and a good concept, but I agree it does not work with so many different characters. Try and focus on one genre to give it a narrative focus.

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