I was looking through a lot of Adventure Time fanart and noticed that noticed that there weren't a lot of Adventure Time fanart with Family Guy, so I tried to see if I could make one with Family Guy. I knew that Brian would be Jake, but I was originally going to choose Peter Griffin as Finn. Then I thought that Stewie would fit in more as Finn because him and Brian have more adventures together. How could I improve with the design a bit?
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    94 weeks ago
    It looks a bit rough around the edegs.. A bit sharp.. like you used a mouse and not a digital pen (I am forced to design this way for now as well.) I have a great adventure time mashpotato I want to do.. but am waiting until I can create the curvy flowing lines/shapes.

    I do like the idea.. Just feel you could do better in the execution.. hope that helps in slightest..

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