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rss 95 weeks ago
Heisenberg Laboratories

Aperture Laboratories is the creator of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or simply, Portal Gun. Heisenberg is the creator of the best meth in the south west, which is famously colored blue due to it's production from methylamine. This is an homage to Portal and Breaking Bad. The cracks in the aperture symbol represent shards of blue meth.

I'd appreciate any critique or suggestions on this design before I submit it to TeeFury. It's very simple, but I think that it should be. Thanks for any help.
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    93 weeks ago
    I watch "Breaking Bad" but know nothing about Portal so my initial reaction was that this looked like a real shirt that could be supporting a real company but I knew it was Breaking Bad.. but what's the blue design?
    After reading your description, makes a little more sense but I was confused by it.

    Good luck, sir.
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    92 weeks ago
    I actually really like this. It's very subtle

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