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I have tried implementing halftones to reduce color and establish highlights etc. I watched tutorials including Jimiyos, and Jimmy Breens, and while I understand how to make them, the halftone circles are coming out too big. I am following Jimiyos suggestion of Frequency between 40-55, and 300ppi (my image resolution is 300), and the only way the halftone doesnt look like big circles (extremely obvious to the eye) at 100% is if i make the frequency 5-900.. I know, high.. Any help? Is it my image size, resolution, or? In this case I am trying to make it appear as his top is a darker (light blue) so the un-halftoned part will appear lighter as a shine. I will add, once I make it small enough for upload preview size it looks better, But i know my final image (PSD) when submitted for print will show big circles. From the videos ive seen, it seems their cirlces are unnoticeable unless zoomed in a great deal. Any help is very appreciated.

Thank you

This is a screenshot, and sized down to fit the requirement for posting, and so the dots look smaller, but at 100% its even more obvious than the photo below.
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    82 weeks ago
    I'd be interested to hear what people say too. I'm having a right time of it with halftones too! Have to say though, that R2 pic looks just fine to me!
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    82 weeks ago
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    81 weeks ago
    *halftones continue to mystify*

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