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rss 96 weeks ago
I normally wear between a medium to extra large in t-shirts (depending on the brand). I have purchased shirts from anothersite in the past and had to get the XXL (have since lost weight). I measured across some of my tees and they roughly come out to around 16-17 inches across. The XL (women's) measures over 18 inches.

So, what size would you suggest I get. I don't mind if the tees are a little loose but I don't want them really big on me. I am also bigger chested with very curvy hips so that's why an XL usually is the size I need.

*XL Aeropostale tees are usually snug on me
*L-XL AE tees fit me fine
*XXL (girly) anothersite is a bit loose on me

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