A mash à trois, if you will:

When not haunting your dreams from Dimension X, Freddy Kranger finds solace inside his Voorhees Suit as it dispatches those pesky camp counselors at Crystal Lake.

A Nightmare from Camp Crystal X

The half-toning of Freddy's body was kind of lost in size reduction, anyways...

I'm thinking about encircling it, but wondering what I'd fill it with,

maybe Dimension X's martian-esue landscape and some trees (camp reference)?

Perhaps then ecompassing the whole thing in a FluffySpam-like (dream reference) shape?

Any suggestions?
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    96 weeks ago
    are you planning on submitting it? it's just that you are only aloud to use 6 colours to print with (i think it's to do with timing for the way they print it)
    as for the design itself i think you have done a good job but personally it's not my thing but still nice work
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    96 weeks ago
    there are only 6 colors in the final psd file; they just got mucked up in the resizing:
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    96 weeks ago
    i wasn't sure as it looked like more. haha

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