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rss 98 weeks ago
I have to drawing talent of a rock... yeah its sad. But I had some ideas for some shirts,

Jeeves and Wooster (the british show with Hugh Laurie)

Chuck (I've only seen two Chuck shirts)

How to train your dragon

Rocketeer (there was someone teasing us with the idea of submitting one...never happened)

Sherlock (even though this is super popular there hasnt been many shirts!)

Lord of the Rings (we need some new ones for the Hobbit release!!)

Haven (the show based on stephen kings novel, EPIC)

Grimm (it hasnt had a single fan shirt)

Merlin (only seen one fan shirt!)

Psych (the show!)

Once upon a time (I'm surprised this hasnt had for fan shirts,only one)

Avatar the last Airbender (NOT KORRA!!!)

Okay theres my requests, they will probably be ignored but maybe one of them will inspire an artist out there?! :3

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