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rss 85 weeks ago
Hello everyone,

I'm somewhat new at this design stuff, so any advise on this design would be greatly appreciated.


many Thanks,

Rob :D
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    84 weeks ago
    Well, I'm no designer but the Saw concept caught my attention. I love those movies and a shirt would be awesome!

    I like the mash up idea, but the image as it is look a little dis jointed. I mean, I think the 2 concepts need to be meshed better. Like perhaps the Jigsaw puppet dude could be holding the controller, with the words underneath. You may not need the tv screen, the Nintendo controller may be enough, but it's your choice. You may find yourself making a few revisions before you get it just right. But keep at it and thanks for asking for opinions, I hope you get a lot of helpful input.
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    84 weeks ago
    From the tag line, I expected it to be a SAW/Wargames MashedPotato, at first. I agree with Chaoticblu that it looks like two separate images. Perhaps the puppet should be sitting in front of a screen holding the controller, as suggested. That would tie him in better. Overall, I like the idea. Those movies were great in a really sick way. :)

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