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Hey, this is a post directed towards either TeeFury staff or other artists who know what's what--I've submitted several designs, and was just wondering how the choosing process works. For example, is there a certain time in the month that new designs are chosen? Is it a good idea to submit a bunch of designs at once, or re-submit designs already submitted? Also, once I've submitted a design, is it always pending or do they look at it, say, "No, not our taste," and reject it? Which would be fine, but I'm just curious what sort of thought goes into it, and especially because I never get a "We're not using your shirt" or even a "We received your submission!" e-mail, the tiny paranoid jack-o-lantern that lives on my shoulder is worried that my designs aren't even getting to the TeeFury offices, for whatever reason. Thanks!
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    86 weeks ago
    Hi Chocopants,

    Regarding the selection process, I think it is continuous throughout the month - apparently Teefury receive something in the region of 40 designs a day, so probably have to stay on top of it a bit.

    I'm not certain it makes a huge amount of difference if you submit more designs at once - if you send 7 designs in that Teefury love, they'll probably choose all 7, if you send in 7 they don't want, they won't choose any. And all combinations in between. Resubmissions are cool, so long as you make noticeable and worthwhile changes - resubbing the same design over and over again will likely just anger the Teefury Gods.

    Once you submit a design, they either select it or reject it, however you will only hear from them in the event of the former. If they do select it (I've only had this happen once, but have heard from other sources too), it usually is within a couple of weeks of sending your design, however, other people have heard back after a month or more.

    You can probably safely assume that your designs are making it to the Teefury offices. It is just fiercely competitive when it comes to getting a design selected. The best advice is just to keep at it, and not dwell on a design too long after you've subbed it. You'll just get sad.


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