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rss 100 weeks ago
Hey guys, and ladies, was looking for some feedback on my first (technically second, first was by mistake) before i submit this.

Thoughts / criticisms?


Titled, Does he look like a test subject?

edit: yay actually put the image in this time...
  • image
    100 weeks ago
    You can't just swipe photo's and art and paste them together. The idea seems OK, I'm not sure if there's some connection that I'm missing though. You should do it again with all original art.
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    100 weeks ago
    i only took the photo from the film as its one of the iconic pictures of the film. The turrets i made myself in illustrator and photoshop. I get what you mean though, shall have a rethink
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    100 weeks ago
    why not try to do something where it's just the turrets dressed as Jules and Vincent (their hair, ties and suit) with something "Portal-y" as the text. "Does he look like a text subject" is good. Or maybe with "say what again" or something.

    I don't know. Just an idea to make it original with your actual art instead of a picture with turrets photoshop'd in.

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