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I know this has been done before, I just hope my execution is a little better. What do you think, add some blood streaks?
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    101 weeks ago
    Johnnygood said: I know this has been done before... What do you think...?

    This is basically the same as That's All, Folks! by Andy Hunt which is the original.

    It's an incredibly bad idea to redo the same design as someone else.

    If you ever want to get printed on TeeFury and other reputable T-shirt sites, don't ripoff other artists.

    Create your own ideas.
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    101 weeks ago
    Dang Chuffy that's a bit rough.
    First of all (belive me or do't) the idea actually came to me before I saw Mr Hunt's design. After I drew it out I decided to do a Google image search and foud his design, hence my opening commment. I actually thought my design was different enough to submit, so I did.
    I did not and would never pass off another artist's work off as my own.
    To the TeeFury staff: if you believe it to be appropriate, please remove this entire post-thank you.

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