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rss 101 weeks ago
My wife really wants this shirt and i missed it by a hair.

Does anyone has a My little Epona shirt in Woman Medium for sale or exchange?

[email protected]
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    101 weeks ago
    I have a Woman's Medium I'd like to get rid of. I'd prefer to sell it outright. Can you pay with Paypal? I've never sold to anyone before, so if you have I'd appreciate a walkthrough. I don't mind selling it for around the price I bought it.

    I can give you my zip code if you'd like to check shipping prices yourself and tell me how you want me to ship it, since I do expect you to pay shipping, but I don't want to charge you a lot (I know how it is to see ridicules shipping prices when trying to buy things online.) If you'd be interested in the tee (which is brand new, just tried on and put back in shipping bag, smoke free home.) you can email me at: [email protected], just put Teefury or something similar in the subject line so I know who it's from. And I'll give you my zip if you want , or you can give me yours and I can figure out how to ship it. If you want it, I'll get delivery confirmation or tracking (depending on shipping method) , which I'd include in the shipping price.

    I hope we can work something out, the shirt is just sitting here!


    ps- I'm busy every other day, but I will try and check my email as often as possible. Please give me at least 2 days to respond to any emails. I normally check them at night.
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    101 weeks ago
    Apologies, I see you already provided your email. I'll send you a message , in case you don't see this one.

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