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rss 102 weeks ago
I've never bought from Teefury before, and the WM and WL I bought are too tight. I did look at the forums about sizes, but I think I confused TeeFury's forums with another site I was looking into buying from (I buy a lot of tees online). In regards to the Woman's Large- It's ok in the torso areas but is too tight in the arm/shoulder area. Is the XL like that too? Because if so I won't bother trying to buy one.

Otherwise, I am looking to buy a "My Little Epona" Woman's XL either outright, or trade for my WM or possibly WL. I say "Or possibly" because if the XL is TOO big, I can deal with my Large. So, I'd really like to just buy an XL outright FIRST, and then if it fits you can either keep the money or I'll trade you my Large and you can reimburse my paypal account. If the XL is too big, then just keep my money. I can probably find someone to sell it too. I can't really do that with the medium or large though as most of my friends are bigger than me.

So as I mentioned I pay via Paypal. I'd prefer to either pay the same Teefury sells for (not including their shipping charge), or just slightly more.As for shipping- I'd like it to be as cost effective as possible. But I would like some sort of Delivery Confirmation or tracking. I don't mind waiting a while to receive the tee if it means cheaper shipping-but I just want to know it's on it's way. I would prefer to receive confirmation first before sending money-or at least send half of the money after we agree to do business together, and the other half once I receive confirmation of mailing.

If anyone is seriously interested in doing business with me, you can email me at: [email protected] I will give you my zip code so you can check out shipping options. I'd appreciate your zip code as well so I can check shipping methods as well.

I hope I'm not being confusing or anything. Please feel free to ask me questions. I've never exchanged or bought tees peer to peer before so please be patient with me.
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    100 weeks ago
    I have bought several shirts from teefury, all of them womens XL. For some reason, they ALL fit except the My Little Epona shirt. It's too small, but all of the shirts I have from before and after that are just right.

    So, I don't know if that design ran small or what. I thought they had changed their sizing, but I got the "They See Me Rolling" shirt after that and it fits like all of the old ones.
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    99 weeks ago
    Thanks for the reply socksy. Unforntuantly, I just got the Dark Tower "He Followed" tee today in an XL and the fit is still awkward for me. I am 5' 105 lbs , c cup. The XL is roomy in the torso, but again the sleeve and upper back area are tight, and it does NOT even show that I have a chest. I do not whatever size shirt the female models wear you can see the curve of their chest..unless the shirt is digitally put on , like I know some companies do.

    I love the design of the Dark Tower shirt I may try and find if someone has a men's up for sale. And if that fits well, maybe I'll just buy those. They probably won't flatter my chest either but I would think they would be wider in the shoulders. But the woman's tees are definitely no good for me.

    Therefore, I am no longer looking for the My Little Epona shirt in a W XL, for all those that see this.
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    99 weeks ago
    And when I say the XL doesn't flatter my chest..I mean just like the M and L, NONE Of them show the curve of it's not cut too. No good for me. I was hoping though that maybe with the M and L it was due to not enough material, so the shirt was being stretched and the material wasn't able to hug in the right places..if you get what I mean. But it's just the general cut of the woman's shirts..they just don't flatter me.

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