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rss 102 weeks ago
Please excuse the fact that I am having a full on idiot day. I have the following shirts from grab bags that I am just not feeling. While these are great shirts with wonderfully clever designs, they are just not my cup of tea! But I am willing to wager that someone else, full of fury, would love any one of these!

In Ladies Large:

In Men's Large:

Let me know if they jive with you. Again, would rather they went to a good home then to suffer lifelessly in my closets. $6 each. I will pay for shipping in the US; internationally we'd have to work out something.
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    102 weeks ago
    I would totally take the hello catamari shirt off your hands. :)
    Would you be willing to sell it?
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    102 weeks ago
    I replied to your list on another post, but I can't locate it for some reason! D: I'd love the Seal of Approval shirt; Buster from AD is one of my favorite characters. Please email me at [email protected], or reply here!

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