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rss 102 weeks ago
I got three Grab Bag shirts hoping for something good, but got shirts I didn't really like. They're called Godzilla vs. Cthulha, Big Bad Mother, and PF Krangs. They're all Women's Medium, and they just came in the mail. If anybody is willing to trade with me, it'd be appreciated because I have like no use for these shirts. I'm more of the Doctor Who, Sherlock, Pokemon type. If you want to trade these shirts with me just say what shirt you have (it has to be Women's Medium, it's the only size that fits me and my sister) and I'll trade with you. :)
- Mandy
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    102 weeks ago
    I'm interested in trading for 'Big Bad Mother'

    The only women's medium I have is Free Hugs.

    My email is aisha at gatech dot edu. Let me know if you're intersted.

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