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rss 263 weeks ago
Hello! I'm fairly new here but a design of mine is going to be popping up here on April 15th. woo!

Thought now would be a good time to show people my own Tshirt site. I'm a design student in Scotland but I'm pretty much in love with tees and badges, so I set up Tee Clinic to help make people better with, well, tees and badges! Perfect prescriptions!

Here are some of the tees I have on my site, they are printed at MySoti, who I can totally vouch for on quality, nice! And they are available on Alstyle OR yummy American Apparel =)

Personal Space Invaders tee by SirEuan. Available from's Rock! tee by SirEuan. Available from
Evolutionary Gentlemen Around The World tee by SirEuan. Available from Gobble Ghosts tee by SirEuan. Available from
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    262 weeks ago
    No love for me? Golly!

    I have just stuck a couple tees on emptess if you would care to take a nosey?



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