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rss 89 weeks ago
And also my first ! Ever !

So here it is, it's called "Free4Hugs"

Hope you like it, if you don't, tell me what to change. As it is my first tee ever, I didn't use halftone and only 6 colors (precisely) but I could work on it a bit (It's kinda far from what I've originaly draw, but I kinda like the sharp and very simple aspect)...

Thanks in advance !
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    89 weeks ago
    I think it's pretty good! It's modelled on a hunter from L4D right? The only thing I'd change is the face colour (the shadowed bit). I'd make it a little darker to distinguish it from the jacket and make it look like more a shadow.
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    89 weeks ago
    Oh, you're right, I'll try that.

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