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rss 103 weeks ago
This is the place to request things you'd like to see at TeeFury!

Here are the ground rules:

- Posts should be about what you WANT to see, not about what you don't like and not about criticizing other people's ideas.

- Don't post images. Write out what you'd like to see instead.

- Don't request your own art. Even if someone is requesting something similar to your art, DO NOT post it. This is a place for ideas, not self-promotion.

- Have fun!
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    103 weeks ago
    -bbc MashedPotatoes (sherlock, doctor who)
    -scott pilgrim
    -60s, 70s rock bands
    -family guy
    -modern family
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    103 weeks ago
    -Scott Pilgrim
    -Green Lantern
    -One Piece
    -It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    -Tim and Eric
    -90s era video games
    -generally some obscure stuff. things outside the usual fandom
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    103 weeks ago
    -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!
    -Star Wars
    -Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    -Breaking Bad
    -Walking Dead
    -Super Mario
    -I'd like to see some toy story mash ups I think there is potential for some good ones
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    103 weeks ago
    -Apple (IPad, IPhone, IPod, Mac)
    -Lady GaGa
    -Legend of Zelda
    -Star Wars
    -Dance Dance Revolution
    -A Pokedex
    -An app for this website
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    103 weeks ago
    -Prometheus (the movie)
    -David from Prometheus (the movie)
    -Lady Gaga
    -Captain America/Iron man
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    102 weeks ago
    Star Wars / Clone Wars
    Dragon Ball or Dr Slump
    Breaking Bad

    Indiana Jones
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    102 weeks ago
    Regular Show

    Back to the Future

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    102 weeks ago
    Breaking Bad
    Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Scott Pilgrim
    Space Ghost
    70's rock bands
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    102 weeks ago
    True Blood - or Sookie Stackhouse books
    Hunger Games
    Star Wars
    Dr Who
    Park & Rec
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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    102 weeks ago
    - Mega Man
    - DooM
    - Half-Life
    - Generic RPG jokes
    - Minecraft
    - Traditional Asian-inspired art (as in ink scroll paintings, I don't mean anime and manga)
    - Disney
    - Creepypasta-inspired (Slenderman, Holders Series, SCP)
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    102 weeks ago
    bbc Sherlock (and by bbc Sherlock, I mean Moriarty...:p)
    Loki from the Marvel Universe
    More art prints, some fandom related some not. Someone said asian-inspired prints, that would be lovely.
    Shirts based off/loving omages to Neil Gaiman's work...
    and for God's sake someone give me a good Sherlock/Hobbit mix so I have something to wear in December with my scarved stuffed dragon!

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    102 weeks ago
    -Breaking bad
    -Scott Pilgrim
    -8 bit artwork
    -Team Fortress 2
    -The Hobbit
    -Cowboy Bebop
    -Blade Runner
    -Buffy The Vampire Slayer
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    102 weeks ago
    dragon ball z
    cashern sins
    adventure time
    and i would like a adventure time/dragon ball z shirt mix think it would be sweet
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    102 weeks ago
    I would be pretty thrilled all through my heart and down to my legs if I could buy shirts here using bitcoin.
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    102 weeks ago
    The Black Knight Rises by Nathan Davis
    This is absolutely awesome!

    Sherlock (BBC)
    Breaking bad
    Blade Runner
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    102 weeks ago
    Star Wars
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    The Legend of Korra
    'Wookiee The Chew' (again)

    My son likes many of the shirts here. Please add youth sizes!
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    102 weeks ago
    Also awhile back there was a side art that I fell in love with! It was Battlestar Galactica themed and it was Saul Tigh saltine crackers!
    I would love to see that one ;)

    Recently there was another side art that was Death Cab for Cutie. It featured an owl and it said 'Owl follow you into the dark'. Please please print these!
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    102 weeks ago
    well it seems everyone from the 90's so vintage cartoons MashedPotatoes and not so much adventure time
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    102 weeks ago
    land before time

    I would buy a whole lot of these :)

    count duckular
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    102 weeks ago
    -Pink Floyd
    -How I Met Your Mother, Lilly quotes.
    -Cybermen from Doctor Who or The Ood.
    -The Dark Crystal
    -Suicide Club
    -Hunger Games
    -A Series of Unfortunate Events
    -True Blood
    -Spike, Xander or Oz quotes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    -The Fifth Element
    -Paper Mario
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    102 weeks ago
    -A Series of Unfortunate Events
    -Adventure Time
    -The Amazing World of Gumball
    -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!
    -Chuck Norris
    -Regular Show
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    102 weeks ago
    -Dragonball Z!!!!
    -Monster Hunter!!!
    -Walking dead Futurama!!!
    -Assassins Creed!!!
    -Dead Space!!!
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    102 weeks ago
    I forgot about
    -Invader Zim
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    102 weeks ago
    Sailor Moon
    Pac Man
    Older Cartoons like Scooby Doo or Josie and the Pussycats
    Invader Zim
    Hunger Games
    Harry Potter
    True Blood
    Walking Dead
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    102 weeks ago
    - Psych
    - Futurama
    - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    - Batman
    - Supernatural
    - Doctor Who
    - Avengers
    - Sherlock (BBC)
    - Misfits (BBC)
    - Merlin (BBC)
    - Danny Boyle's Frankenstein (with Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller)
    - Ghostbusters
    - Star Trek
    - Workaholics
    - Life (TV show with Damian Lewis)
    - Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy
    and possibly some
    - 21 Jump Street (2012 film)
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