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Can anyone give me some info on how much stretch the girls shirts have? are they the same material as the guys or the more stretchy "baby-doll" type? I cant tell from the picks so I've been ordering guys but I prefer girl cuts but then I dont want to order a girl cut and have it be too small and not be able to reorder..... Ive got rather "large tracks of land" so even the girls XL would need a good bit of stretch

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    104 weeks ago
    Having just compared the men's TeeFury shirt I'm wearing today directly against a women's TeeFury shirt, the women's is quite a bit stretchier. At least twice as stretchy, maybe more.

    Mrs Chuffy has no problems with the stretch of women's TeeFury medium shirts. She has a large bust and a small waist (about 10" difference), so there's no way a men's shirt of a similar size would stretch that difference.

    You could pinch in and stitch the side seams of a larger men's shirt for a form fitting shape. This is what Mrs Chuffy says, probably as an excuse to steal my spare shirts for herself.

    Hope this helps.
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    104 weeks ago
    I purchase a women's XL and honestly, while the shirts stretch a bit, I find myself wishing I had a little more room. It fits perfectly everywhere else. I'm a DD, if that helps. If I wear a guy's shirt, it's okay in the bust but too big everywhere else. Plus the men's cut feels unflattering. You'd have to tailor it a bit. Just my experience.

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