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rss 92 weeks ago
I am totally heartbroken. I got this shirt last week and was so excited. The very first say I wore it I had to move some heavy equipment and it snagged my shirt and put a hole in it! :^<

Does anybody have one they would like to sell? I see Bamboota has put the design on Redbubble but it's hard for me to pay that much for a shirt I just bought.

Also, I would be interested in buying any other past XL shirts that I don't have. I've only been a member of TeeFury for about a month or so and I've missed so many cool shirts!
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    92 weeks ago
    What XL's you after?
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    91 weeks ago
    Make note of the fact the redbubble shirts, as well as being way more expensive than TF shirts, are very much different in both material and transfer of artwork. Some people like it; some people notice that it is not screenprinted (smurf) and are much thinner (really subjective whether one prefers that or not [I actually prefer it]). But the transfer is absolute garbage; WalMart-esque in nature.

    On another note, which prints were you looking for in MXL?

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    89 weeks ago
    To be honest any that I don't have! LOL Right now I would love to have Torrence Redrum, Bat Country or Godzilla vs. Cthulhu
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    89 weeks ago
    BTW: Thank you for the info about the shirt quality of Redbubble. I bought from three other sites and TeeFury seems to have the best quality shirts so far.

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