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rss 105 weeks ago
I'm working on a new Game of Thrones design, with playing cards, because that's a game. With thrones. I've done the first drafty thing, but does anyone have any ideas?

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    105 weeks ago
    I've added small shadows and put it on blacktumblr_m7a781tbyK1rxm162o1_1280.jpg
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    104 weeks ago
    Robert Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Robb Sark, and The Imp, I presume?

    The design is pretty damn amazing, but I'd like to know why you chose those characters in particular. It seems a bit of random picking, but I could be wrong :P

    Perhaps you could have a different character sitting in the ace, and have a stray Joker card off to the bottom right of the shirt with The Imp... seems much more appropriate :) But those are just my additional ideas. Great work though! Would seriously consider buying this ;)
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    104 weeks ago
    Thanks for the feedback,

    Its not easy to see from the pic but its Renly, Daenarys, Robb and the Imp. I was going for a main family for each suit - the suit logos contain sigils - whilst using characters that I quite like. The issue with Game of Thrones is that there are too many kings! So Renly got demoted to a Jack as he was only third in line. I've actually improved, updated and submitted this in the last couple of days, so hopefully it shall appear at some point...

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