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rss 92 weeks ago
I've been working on this one in my spare time. It's a reference to an episode in season 2 (the new series). It's still a WIP, but the issue I'm having is that it's already well over 6 colors, and I'm not sure what changes I should make to bring it down.

Do "colors" include shades of gray, or is any gray lumped under one color? If so, that'll help a bit. As of now, I'm unable to go further until I work the color issue out.

Also, I noticed the submission guidelines say all submissions should be 600x800 and no greater than 500kb. Shouldn't submissions be 300dpi if they're designed for printing?
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    92 weeks ago
    God knows we need another doctor who shirt, but anyway, 6 colors is 6 colors. If you want to get different shades of a color, for instance blue, use blue as one of your colors and black (or another dark color) and add shading using that by stippling. You can get many different values, but are only uses two colors.
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    92 weeks ago
    try going through some of the submissions and seeing how they worked out their color schemes/shading for the TARDIS and stuff like that.

    It's difficult getting down to 6 colors once you already have a design almost basically done.

    You could try to greyscale it as well.

    I really like it though Good luck!

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