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rss 106 weeks ago
I've amassed quite a few shirts since I discovered this wonderful, happy place... then I went on a diet, and most of them don't fit anymore.

Has anyone used one of those t-shirts into quilts services with success? Sounds like a cool idea, but would love some personal experience/reviews from folks. Or other ideas of things I could do.

Thanks, all!
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    106 weeks ago
    Years ago I made a few t-shirt quilts out of road race tees. I would say I am sewing machine challenged but I managed it OK. They turned out great (not perfect) & my family/friends loved them. Its a good option when you have an overstock of fun shirts that you don't wear. I have not used a service, I would find one with the best reviews or check Pinterest. Good luck and please submit a picture when you decide what to do!
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    105 weeks ago
    The internets will yield you SO many ideas it's ridiculous.

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