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rss 106 weeks ago
Hey Tee furyians,

This is my first design to be submitted or would like to be, to tee fury. I noticed ppl wanted some more video game stuff and i would like to help fill that void. Would love a critique on my work. I do plan to do much more designs with old video games.


Dont forget to check out my website
Animations, 3d models, 2d art and logos
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    106 weeks ago
    Come to think of it I have never seen mario in that perspective before or from that camera angle ftm. Just clean up the line works thicker and crisper maybe get some shading and add some depth to the pipes.
    there are alot of artifacts atm and the hands need some tweaking

    My Nephew would love this when its done:)

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    106 weeks ago
    Thanks, I will be doing some cleaning up with this piece. Thickining of the lines n such. Thanks again

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