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rss 107 weeks ago
Well, this silly little idea came to me a while ago and I decided to run with it. I've always liked these sorts of rococo-crazy designs and fancy lettering, and I've always liked Star Wars, so it happened.

The lettering and storm trooper will be brighter than the filigree so that all the little details in there don't overwhelm it. I'll probably do this up to be on a charcoal or dark brown tee, or even that lovely dark teal colour. A black tee seems natural, but there are definitely a lot of black tees out there.

My biggest worry is the wording... the "Are Not" helps with the balance of the top line, but it's usually "aren't." Hmm. Thoughts?

It still needs a lot of work, obviously, but feedback would be cool. I like seeing those beautiful tees that are more about the design than the witty mash-up of two fandoms. (Too many times have I only gotten half the reference.) Pretty, AND you either get the whole reference or you just don't like Star Wars.
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    107 weeks ago
    Can't wait to see this finished! It's off to an amazing start.
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    107 weeks ago
    I like where this is going. Give updates!

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