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rss 94 weeks ago
My original idea was to create a calendar like the ones they had on the wall of many mecanic's shops in the past, but I don't think it translates well on a tee. I chopped up my inages and I like it.
I'm still cleaning up the edges and filling in color where needed.
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    94 weeks ago
    That's a really interesting concept but I can see the challenges of translating that onto a tee. I like how the Image works on the Tee but the way the "Rebel Autoparts" just floats there doesn't really work. Maybe try it in a banner or use the Star Wars Title intro were the words are put in a perspective going away from the viewer. I like the frame of the image at right the most. Good job, can't wait to see the finished version.
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    94 weeks ago
    Hmm, well if it's a work-in-progress, take my words with a grain of salt. My biggest concern with what you've got isn't so much the format, but the details in the artwork. If you really want it to work and pop, I think you need to get it as close to looking like real pinup art as possible. Once you do that, then maybe look at some other calendars and try to nail the styling better. The more straight you play it, the funnier it is.

    Overall, it's a good start! I'm excited to see more.
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    93 weeks ago
    Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep working on this idea.

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